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Sparkle, Sparkle and More Sparkle

Remember that photo from the 1990s in which Linda Evangelista basically wore the entire Chanel jewel collection on her body? Well, that could well summarize the jewel trends of the season. Until not so long ago, going overboard with jewellery wasn’t considered so elegant: if you wore large earrings, necklaces were a no-no, and if you chose a very eye-catching ring, you had to forget all bracelets. Things have changed though, so now, the more jewellery you wear, the better!

We are sure you saw it too, on social networks: the most popular models right now, such as Bella HadidKendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, roaming the world with their wonderful necklaces, rings and large bracelets. We got inspired to think more is more, and a few other things: first, it is not necessary to wait til the evening to wear our shiniest jewels — we can wear them anytime, 24/7, dawn to dusk. The second thing we learned is, the right outfit is everything. If you want to wear flamboyant jewellery during the day, go for a basic, cute outfit. If you don’t like the California-style jeans and crop top combination, or simply live somewhere where it is too cold to wear just that and need to cover up, stay minimalist: the simpler your look, the more visible your jewellery will be, and you will come across as even more chic. Don’t feel left out if you can’t afford real diamonds — you’re part of a majority! We enjoy playing with fashion jewellery, and there are so many designers who offer so many beautiful, elegant alternatives that you will definitely be able to jump on the jewellery bandwagon. What do you think? Do you like it?

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